The leading luxury book publisher providing a complete self-publishing service: tailor-made books, for discriminating individuals, museums, organisations and private libraries looking to publish limited edition, or one,beautiful personalised book. Self-publishing coffee table books, my story, personalised wedding books, Tailor-Made books are custom made books, hand-made books, heirloom books, leatherbound books, family histories, family history, family heritage, family heirloom, genealogy, genealogical history, manuscript writing, manuscript editing, book design, book editing, copywriting.

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Design & Craftmanship

Subtle. Surprising. Individual. Personalised Books.

Tailor-Made Books,are made, in England, from start to finish. In essence, every Tailor-Made Book is original, designed, and crafted for you. 

Manuscripts are printed on snowy-white, or buttery-cream, wood and acid-free paper, complementing traditional, or more contemporary-looking typefaces, book-layouts and binding styles.

Once the manuscript, the heart of your book is complete, we work with you to create a perfectly-tailored, personalised book binding. From  fine leather, silk or linen, hand-embossed inititals and personalised ribbon markers, wherever possible, we accommodate the most individual, special requests. Luxury personalised books.



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